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First Come First Serve

  In my previous publish titled “Disk Scheduling”, I tried to provide an explanation for approximately the fundamentals of disk scheduling. In this & upcoming posts, we will look a number of the extensively used disk preparation algorithms. In this pole, I will start with the most easy and normally used disk scheduling algorithm called fcfs .   First Come First Serve (FCFS) This is the most effective shape of preparation. It is similar the FIFO CPU scheduling set of rules. According to FCFS algorithm, all requests might be serviced inside the equal order wherein they come. In other words, request will be serviced within the sequential manner. It does not offer the fastest get entry to and it is also now not most fulfilling. It has higher are trying to find time examine to other algorithms. For instance, A disk queue with request of input, output of two blocks on cylinders are as ninety eight, 183, 37, 122, 14, 124, 65, 67. If disk head is first of all at cylin

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